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Comprehensive Bonded Zone

General Situation Of Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone is located in Lixian Area, adjacent to the airport cargo area. The plan covers an area of 4.34 square kilometers, divided into port functional zone (0.834 square kilometers) and bonded functional zone (3.513 square kilometers), of which Beijing and Hebei each occupy 1.75 square kilometers, and the first phase each occupies 1 square kilometers).

The two areas are connected by a closed link

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Comprehensive Bonded Zone Site Selection

The Total Area Is About
Bonded Functional Zone (Beijing + Hebei)
Port Functional Area (Dah Hing International Airport)

Integration Of Port Operation

The bonded functional area is connected with the port functional area through contact channels to realize the integration of port operation.
Bonded Functional Area

"Logistics distribution center

R & D Design Center

Testing and Maintenance Center

Sales and Service Center

Processing and manufacturing center"

Port Functional Area

Port Logistics Function

Six Types Of Ports

Public Warehouse In Comprehensive Protected Area

Property Information

建筑面积(平方米) Floor area(sqm)
仓库 Warehouse 1# 2# 18,805 each/栋
仓库 Warehouse 3# 4# 17,902 each/栋
配套楼#5 3,461
地面承重(吨/平方米) Loading capacity (T/sqm)
一层 1F 3
二层 2F 2.5
柱网(米) Column spacing (m)
一层 1F 12*12
二层 2F 12*24
室内净高(米) Inside clear height (m)
一层 1F 10
二层 2F 10

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Comprehensive Bonded Zone
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Comprehensive Bonded Zone

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