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Policy Highland

Beijing's only integration of free trade zone, Zhongguancun scientific and technological innovation, Beijing service industry to expand the opening policy highland

Free Trade Zone Leading Policy

Zhongguancun Policy for S&T Innovation

Openness of Service Sector in Beijing

Summary of Free Trade Zone Policy

Financial Innovation

Carry out cross border e-commerce RMB settlement business

Carry out cross-border two-way RMB fund pool business

Carry out cross border centralized collection and payment of RMB under current account

Carry out RMB settlement business of individual cross border trade

Life and health innovation

Establish a green channel for the import of materials, reagents and equipment for new drug research and development

Moderately relax the management of small dose special chemicals for pharmaceutical research and development

According to the relevant regulations, we will carry out the research project of stem cell clinical Frontier Medical Technology, and establish a green channel for project filing

Talent Introduction

The employed "high-quality and top-notch" foreign talents can enjoy the work permit, personnel visa and other certificates, social security and other convenient measures and "green channel" services according to the foreign talents (Class A);

When foreign talents return home from their posts, their social insurance personal accounts will be retained. If they come to China for employment again, the accumulated payment period will be calculated

1+N policy system of Daxing District




Cultural Creativity

Life and health

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Interim Measures of Daxing District for Promoting the Development of High-precision and High-precision Enterprises in Daxing District

1000Million Yuan

New product launch

If the annual output value of a single product exceeds 500 million yuan for the first time, 2 million yuan, 5 million yuan and 10 million yuan will be awarded to those with 1 billion yuan and 2 billion yuan respectively, and the maximum value of a single product is 10 million yuan

500Million Yuan

International Registration Certification

For those registered and certified by the US Food and drug administration, the European drug administration, the European quality Steering Committee and the International Drug Certification cooperation organization, the pharmaceutical enterprises will be awarded an annual reward of up to 5 million yuan

200Million Yuan

Establishment of research institutions

If the application is successfully applied for the national, Beijing Municipal Engineering and technology research center, engineering research center, enterprise technology center and Key Laboratory, the special funds of one-time shall be RMB 2 million and RMB 1 million respectively

Daxing District Financial Policy

5000million yuan

Institutional Rewards

The newly established or newly moved legal person financial institution, the first level branch, shall give the legal person institution a reward amount at one time according to the scale of paid in capital.

2000million yuan

Housing Subsidy

For newly established or newly moved legal person financial institutions and first-class branches, they will be given subsidies for purchasing or renting houses, with the maximum amount of subsidies.


Financial Reward

Financial institutions with an annual regional comprehensive contribution of more than 10 million yuan will be given a financial reward of 40% of the regional comprehensive contribution, up to three years.


Personal rewards for senior executives

40% of the individual income tax will be returned, and the maximum monthly housing subsidy will be 25000 yuan, helping to settle down and send their children to school.

Daxing District Financial Policy

500Ten thousand yuan

Support innovation entities to carry out R & D, achievement transformation and industrialization of cutting-edge technology, according to the actual expenditure of equipment purchase, rent, R & D investment, etc. In accordance with the proportion of no more than 30%, we will provide financial support of no more than 5 million yuan in three years

300Ten thousand yuan

Support enterprises to carry out R & D cooperation with global leading innovative enterprises, overseas top universities and R & D institutions. The amount of one-time support for each project of each enterprise shall not exceed 1 million yuan, the proportion of support shall not exceed 30% of the actual expenses, and the accumulated amount of support for each enterprise shall not exceed 3 million yuan every year



A summary of the new international talent policy

Support leading talents to set up enterprises

100Ten thousand yuan

Provide 3-year site fee subsidy, the amount of subsidy is 50% of the paid site rental fee, with a maximum of 1 million yuan per year.

200Ten thousand yuan

3-year site fee subsidy is provided. The subsidy amount is the 3-year loan discount for the paid in site. The discount amount is 50% of the annual interest rate of the loan calculated based on the benchmark interest rate, with a maximum of 2 million yuan per year.

100 millionYuan

Select excellent projects and provide equity investment of up to 100 million yuan.

Beijing has the highest business environment in China

The pilot of the notification commitment system will optimize the insurance process of employees,
"Zero contact" online service will be implemented.
Improve the examination and approval service of simple and low risk engineering construction projects and simple and low risk project construction
Project planning permit approval service, simplify the change procedure of construction permit.
We will implement the electronic license for real estate registration in Beijing and optimize the real estate registration procedures,
Online registration of stock non residential housing transactions among enterprises
We will establish a two-step fault-tolerant mechanism for declaration, streamline the documents attached to customs declaration, optimize the management of Beijing Tianjin ports, and expand the pilot program for senior certification enterprises to apply for exemption from guarantee.

Surrounding living facilities


Beijing Fourth Experimental School

Yizhuang branch of Beijing No.2 Middle School

Yizhuang branch of high school affiliated to Beijing People's Congress

Beijing Yaohua International Education School

Beijing Zhongxin school

Medical treatment

South District of Peking University First Hospital

Aiyuhua Hospital of Capital Medical Group

Beijing Tongren Hospital

Affiliated Hospital of Capital Medical University

National Rehabilitation Hospital

Business entertainment

Huiju Shopping Center

Han's Square Shopping Center

Libao Shopping Center

Kaide Shopping Center

Longhu Tianjie Shopping Center

Beijing Wildlife Park

Free Trade Zone

Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Industrial Policy

Business Invitation

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